Jennifer McGrew and Hraefn Wulfson, co-owners of McGrew Studios

McGrew Studios creates wardrobes and costumes for, well, everything.

Jennifer McGrew began her career costuming for the arts—everything from television to theater to ballet. Hraefn Wulfson comes from the commerical and film world with experitise in production design, sets, and props. Together, they're a perfect, if unconventional, team.

They create costumes and sets for corporate parties, mascots, conventions, film and television, music videos, weddings, musical theater, cosplay and, of course, Halloween; but at McGrew, it’s about more than just costumes.

Not only do they help budding artists with costumes and concepts, but they create films themselves. They debuted "Flight From Shadow," a short film based on Robert Jordan's fantasy book series The Wheel of Time, at the 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con.

The bulk of McGrew's business comes from personal wardrobe costuming. “We have clients who are, for lack of a better term, life-stylers,” Jen explains. “They adopt an aesthetic, like steampunk, or they want to set themselves apart in another way. We help them cultivate that persona.”

Hraefn and Jen immerse themselves in whatever culture is requested and help clients create what is in their heads. If you want to transport yourself to the 19th century, McGrew can do that. If you’re a huge fan of Harry Potter, they can make you a wizard, or at least look like one. “Every costume has it’s own unique culture,” Hraefn explains. “We help people define their individual, specific culture. It's like production design for the body.”

Visit McGrew at 333 W Pierpont Ave., SLC or catch them at Salt Lake Comic Con and Fantasy Con.