We’re offering snapshots of the libations competing in Salt Lake magazine’s Farm to Glass Cocktail Contest, here’s Avenues Bistro on Third's 'Bistro Honey Bee' cocktail. 

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Bistro Honey Bee

Bartender: Kathie Chadbourne
1.5oz BeeHive Jack Rabbit Gin*
1.5 oz Bottle & Bee local honey syrup*
1/2 of the glass Catchin' a Buzz Honey*
3 leaves mint from our mint garden*
1 splash Housemade Soda H2O*
4 count lemon wedges
Lemon Circles burned & used as a garnish of a small bouquet of mint
* represents local ingredients
Fill a 'rocks glass' with ice to chill. In a shaker add Bottle & Bee syrup, Mint leaves, lemon wedges and shake shakeshake. 
Strain twice. Rim the glass with Catchin' a Buzz Honey.
Refill glass with ice. Add Gin, then pour over the strained B&B Syrup, add the splash of Soda H20, spear the burnt lemon circle with a black straw and float on cocktail. Add bouquet of lovely mint.
Photography by Alyssa Sorenson