On Sept. 18 & 19, C.G. Sparks will offer up to seventy-five percent off their unique brand of home furnishings.

C.G. Sparks, a furniture warehouse in SLC's warehouse district, specializes in furniture that gives soul to a given space. It offers everything from armoires to art sculptures, not to mention an impressive collection of antiques. The team of self-described "design-obsessed individuals" behind the company travel the world in search of antiques, as well as design furniture out of reclaimed materials. Their passion lies in furniture that will build character with age rather than degrade, and as such they are committed to remaining independently owned to maintain the integrity of the organization.

If you're looking to redecorate your living space, now's as good of time as any to stop into C.G. Sparks to see what they have to offer. Who knows, maybe you'll snag the perfect raw wool rug for a steal. Or maybe you'll just enjoy a steaming mug of coffee with the owner while you're brainstorming your next den renovation. Either way, you can't lose.