Super Heroes unite for Marvel Universe LIVE! Watch Ironman, Captain America, Thor and Hulk band together to defeat Loki and find the missing pieces of the Cosmic Cube. The action-packed show features martial arts, aerial stunts, motorcycles and cutting-edge special effects. 

Salt Lake magazine was able to speak with one of the Marvel performers and what it is like to play a super hero. Nik Nieves, who plays Bruce Banner the scientist who turns into The Hulk, says it is a physically demanding job. “It’s a lot of running around,” he says. “I ride a motorcycle that has to jump off of platforms.”

Since the show requires actors to be multitalented, each actor has to play several characters. Along with playing Bruce Banner, Nieves has to play villianous henchmen. What’s the best part of the job? Nieves gets paid to travel the world, and “I play a super hero so it’s pretty much the best thing ever.” 

Join the Marvel Team and help save the universe February 11th to the 14th at Vivint Smart Home Arena.

Tickets are available through Marvel Universe LIVE! and Smithtix.