The monthly Sugar House Art Walk  has helped hundreds of people connect with the city's burgeoning art scene. The second Friday of every month, businesses all over Salt Lake City's favorite shopping area display art by local artists—rather than viewing art in the rarefied atmosphere of a gallery, art is hung in shops, coffee houses and working businesses.

This Friday, from 6—9 p.m., Sugar House Coffee kicks off a month-long presentation of conceptual design, art by Jarom West. "Conceptual design is creating environments that don't exist," explains West. Think parageography, other worlds, imagination-based characters and landscapes.

All the movies that so vividly create other worlds—Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Avatar, Tron—start with a conceptual designer's vision. Classic science fiction illustrators, like the work of fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, one of West's inspirations, worked in traditional media like paint. Like "visual futurist" Syd Mead, West started working in paint (West worked with oils; Mead worked in gouache) and moved on to computer-generated imagery.

It's called digital painting and generates a very organic image using the tools of technology.

That's what's in West's head and what he puts on heavy matte paper via his computer. The group of eight artworks shows a range of vision and varying degrees of reality. Don't miss it. 

Born in Idaho, West has lived in Utah for six years, graduated from Utah State University and works here, at Salt Lake magazine.