Pop quiz: Where in Salt Lake can you find this display of Mr. Roger's merchandise right next to a box of mints that has the f-word in the brand name (three times)?

Well, that's Got Beauty, of course.

The casual passer-by might think the one-of-a-kind and locally owned and operated shop, which shares a parking lot with the Sugarhouse Smiths on the corner of 9th East and 21st South, is a just a salon. But it's much more. It is part full-service salon, part gift shop and part make-up and hair supply store.

In fact, it is my go-to “Crap! I need a gift in a half-hour!” store. Because, where else are you going to find a flask designed to look like tampons or a bottle of hair spray? (Obviously, my friends are the classiest.) They'll even bag the gift for me with bright pink tissue paper so that it looks like I planned ahead in my gift purchasing.

It's not all flasks there. Got Beauty carries candles, clever coffee mugs, water bottles, toiletry bags, a wide assortment of cheeky  Anne Taintor do-dads and so much more.



It's the kind of store one walks around a few times to make sure they've taken it all in. 

Of course, a store with the word beauty right there in the name is going to have a cosmetic and beauty focus. Salon hair products, Demologica skin products and OPI nail polish are among the business' beauty offerings.

Got Beauty is truly one-of-a-kind, and this weekend it will celebrate it's 25th birthday, and the presents are for you. Stop in the store anytime on Saturday, April 16 for a 25 Year VIP Pass, which will net you: 25% off your purchase, 25% off your next salon treatment, a free travel-size beauty project and celebratory cupcakes! Make the deal even sweeter by bringing a pal to receive a full-sized Moroccan Oil product.

And if you can't make it to the party, worry not. GotBeauty.com has free next-day shipping for Utah residents. So, peruse at your heart's content. You're bound to find something you can't live without.