You may wonder as you wander through the aisles of your favorite cosmetic venue what "pretty" should be your next conquest. Might I suggest the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye shadow Palette?

This palette is a great blend of warm-toned neutrals with a couple of splashes of color. Those of you that have used Too Faced products before will know of their famous chocolate scent from both of their Chocolate Bar Palettes and their Chocolate Bronzers. With this palette, Too Faced puts a summer spin on a beautiful selection of color with a delicious peach scent. 

Quickly selling out, this limited edition palette is worth getting your hands on. For $49.00 you will have enough variety with these eye shadows to keep you happily neutral for a work look, bohemian for a concert or festival, and sexy, smoky colors for a summer night out.

If you've not tried anything from Too Faced, you really should. The fantastic quality of all their products, fun packaging and, pigment that stands the day's events makes their motto "Own Your Pretty" an easy task. I will tell you what turned me on and kept me coming back to Too Faced is their "makeup for dummies" approach. In every palette you purchase comes a booklet of looks to try, from day to night, neutral to dramatic with step by step instructions. You can keep it in your comfort zone or wander straight outside the box.

Don't despair if you can't get your hands on this palette. Too Faced has got you covered. Their Peanut Butter and Jelly palette ($36.00) comes in a dang close second. A little smaller, only nine shades, but none the less gorgeous. 

So, grab your shadow primer and your favorite brushes and get ready for summer! Even if it snows on Memorial Day (which we all know it might #utahweather) you'll be just peachy. (see what I did there?)