I love MAC. Anyone that knows me knows this. On a Thursday morning, one might find me there, awaiting the next collection or stocking up on something that's not even close to being empty. The MAC counter is somewhat of a spiritual experience as I have made several leaps of faith there. My first coral lipstick, the first time someone filled in my brows, and my first high-quality brushes.  #pivotallifemoments

I love brushes. Anyone that knows me knows this. Little ones, fluffy ones, fat ones, 'who knows what the deuce this one is for' ones. But, brushes can be the most expensive element in your stash. A good eyeshadow brush can run you $25-$40. That's allota scratch. But, MAC is kind of the end all be all in brushes right?


I discovered Sigma during a shame-spiraled YouTube binge a few summers ago. Hours of mindless contouring videos in I realized that most of the Vloggers were using the same brand of brushes. They were all from Sigma. 

So, I went to their website. At first, the prices turned me off. The brushes seemed almost "too cheap."  But, my determination to enter my credit card information ran strong. My first purchase was a collaboration set from Jaclyn Hill. Two foundation brushes, three eyeshadow brushes and a pencil brush.

And then it was love. 

Sigma is perfect for getting your brush collection started. Perfect because they have "starter" sets. Honestly, I usually refrain from buying sets because they are either a wonky color, travel sized or something similarly annoying. But, with Sigma, this doesn't happen.

Essential Set ($160)

For $160 you can get their Essential Set, which is any brush you will ever need in life, full sized, for about $13 a piece.  Or, maybe you already have some brushes in mind. Sigma is perfect for dupes. Their E25 is an exact dupe of the beloved MAC 217, for about half the price. 

MAC 217 ($25) and E25 ($13)

If you just need a couple of brushes, or if you are a hardcore makeup artist, check out Sigma. I was surprised. You will be too.