A trail running race series started by a self-admitted non-runner may sound odd, but that’s part of what makes the Discrete Peak Series so appealing.

Founder Julian Carr — who owns the Utah-based clothing company Discrete and just so happens to be a professional skier famous for record setting cliff hucks and appearances in Warren Miller movies — took a circuitous route to mountain racing. An energetic dog was the trail companion that helped get Carr hooked, and soon he was on his way to Moab for his first trail race. “I had a ton of fun, but there was no scene afterwards,” Carr says. “We were the only ones who backed the car up and cracked a beer.”  

Carr saw a niche in need of attention: a trail running series that would appeal to both elite athletes and weekend warriors who may not even consider themselves runners. “A lot of people don’t want to do an ultra race, but they’d be psyched to run up to the top of a mountain and back down with their friends,” Carr explains.

The Peak Series partners with local resorts to put on races from the base of a mountain to the summit and back down. And whether you’re battling the pros at the front of the pack or just enjoying the challenge and views, the Peak Series certainly doesn’t suffer from a lack of festivities; every racer crosses the line into a sea of live music, food, drink and vendor tents. “It’s a great vibe to celebrate being in the mountains, listen to music and bask in the feeling of bagging a peak.”   

“There’s no mud, obstacles or gimmicks, just iconic peaks,” Carr says of the Peak Series. There’s also $10,000 total in prize money for the three races in case you need a little extra motivation to get moving. The Series kicks off this summer on June 25th at Deer Valley Resort. It’s $35 to register, which you can do on the Peak Series website

Discrete Peak Series Schedule

June 25: Deer Valley

July 16: Alta Ski Area

August 28: Snowbird

peak-series.com // 385.312.0901