Fun summer facts to know and tell:

1. Pioneer Day is a bigger celebration in Utah than Fourth of July.

2. During the summer holidays, the need for blood is way up because of questionable outdoor activities involving trees, cliffs, motorcycles, ORVs, climbing ropes, hang-gliders, fire-walking, bull riding, river running, copious alcohol, etc.

For scary details, see SLMag's article on Utah's love affair with risky behavior.

3. But at the same time, just as the need for blood is spiking, blood donations are way down. Folks are just too busy doing fun, dangerous things to make it to the local blood drive.

In fact, hundreds fewer Red Cross blood drives are scheduled this month than average because of holiday vacations.

So,make some time to schedule an appointment to donate using the free Blood Donor App, or at or by callingl 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

Donors with all blood types are needed.