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August 2016

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Grown in Utah

By Mary Brown Malouf

Everyone knows Green River melons, Brigham City peaches and Bear Lake raspberries are rare and sublime. But why? And in a world of knockoffs, are we getting the real deal?

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Best of the Beehive

By Salt Lake magazine staff

Salt Lake magazine's guide to the best in art, entertainment, goods, services, outdoor recreation, family fun and food and dining.

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Live After Trib

By Glen Warchol

Survival of the Tribune is still uncertain but Utah needs an independent journalistic voice more than ever. Who will fill the gap?

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The Hive

Prehistoric turtles, Tour of Utah, cool sunglasses, lion cubs, a new dining champion and craft ice cream in SLC.

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A young DJ, a young violinist, UMOCA at 75 and how to spend your holiday weekends.

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Nitro Circus turns daredevil insanity into a spectator sport and a successful business model.

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Nothing says summer like a good book and a drink with a tiny umbrella. Now, all you need is a swingin' hammock.

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An annual retreat brings Buddhist monks to Boulder, Utah.

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Park City Life

The Best of the Beehive, mountain-town edition, brought to you by the staff of Park City Life. Plus, a throwback to the first day of school and Park City's hometown heroes.

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