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June 2015

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The Chinese Restaurant Road Trip

By Billy Yang
Chinese food roots run deep in small-town Utah.
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WEB EXTRA: Recipes for chow mein, sweet and sour sauce and orange chicken

The Canine State

By Mary Brown Malouf
"Working dogs"—the phrase has a whole new meaning.
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WEB EXTRA: Enter our giveaways for doggie gear (ends June 15).
WEB EXTRA: Our comprehensive list of dog services
WEB EXTRA: Salt Lake magazine staffers and their pets
WEB EXTRA: More dog gear than we could fit in the print magazine

Utah Rogues Gallery

By Glen Warchol
A guide to Utah's scoundrels, con men, crooks and weirdos
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Tools of the Trade

By Mary Brown Malouf
Accessories and accoutrements to make a summer statement
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WEB EXTRA: Our Tools of the Trade gallery includes accessories and accoutrements you won't find in the magazine.


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