Salt Lake Magazine At The Tuesday Harvest Market



September 4 Tin Angel Jerry Liedtke 

September 11 ZY Matthew Lake

September 18 Bambara Nathan Powers

September 25 Caffe Niche Ethan Lappe

October 2 Meditrina Jennifer Gilroy

October 9 Finca Phelix Gardner

Check back here weekly starting in September to print chef-created recipe's and menu's based on what's available seasonally at the market. (menu and recipes also available at the Tuesday Harvest Market)

Then come shop the market and meet the chefs from 5pm-6pm for answers to recipe questions, substitution recommendations, variations and demonstrations. 

Tuesday Harvest Market | Tuesday Evenings 4pm-Dusk | Historic Pioneer Park 300 W. 300 S. Downtown SLC

During the month of September, 5 mixologists will compete for BEST original $8 cocktail based on the seasonal ingredients from the Downtown Farmers Market. (Beets! Berries! Peppers! Tomatoes! Kale! Peaches!)

Click here to view Video's of all mixologist making their Farm to Glass cocktail.

Faustina - Mixologist Hillary Merrill

Finca - Mixologist Scott Gardner

Copper Onion- Mixologist Jimmy Santangelo

Bar-X - Mixologist Richard Noel

The Wild Grape - Mixologist Sean Neves

YOUR JOB: Stop by each bar. Drink. Vote.

The WINNER OF THE 2012 FARM TO GLASS Cocktail Contest is Scott Gardner of Finca with the Sugarhouse Smash cocktail. Congrats!