In a state rife with land disputes, few are as polarizing as the one regarding SkiLink, a proposed transit lift between Canyons and Solitude. SkiLink is a hot-button social, environmental and economic issue for Utahns, and the divide between stakeholders is gaping. This is a series of stories that will teach you everything you need to know about Utah’s most controversial ski lift.

SkiLink would link Canyons and Solitude with a gondola-like interconnect.

Part 1: The Basics Behind the Controversy

Part 2: The Public Land Dispute

Part 3: Many Uncertainties, but Tourism Revenue Not a Question

Part 4: SkiLink and the "Yellow-Snow Effect"

Part 5: The Nuts and Bolts of SkiLink

Part 6: Transportation Cure? Claims are half true

Part 7: The Public's Take from the Slopes

Part 8: The Legislation

Part 9: What's Next